Bin Wu, Ph.D. is Director of the Assisted Reproductive Bio-Technology Laboratories at AZCREI

Dr. Wu received his training in genetics and reproductive biology at the Northwest Agricultural University in China and Cornell University, New York, where he worked with leading reproductive scientists in the field. Then, Dr. Wu was trained as a post-doctor fellow to work with famous embryo cryo-biologist Dr. Stanly Leibo in Biomedical Science Department in University of Guelph in Canada. As an embryologist, he later joined the Clinical Laboratories at the Center for Human Reproduction, the largest assisted reproduction facility in Chicago. It was there that Dr. Wu improved upon their techniques for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and Assisted Hatching (AZH), thus achieving some of the highest fertilization and pregnancy rates in the nation. Dr. Wu has been a chief embryologist and scientific laboratory director to obtain more than 60% IVF pregnant rates in our center.

Dr. Wu has an extensive research background with interest in oocytes in vitro maturation, embryo and egg freezing, testicular biopsy sperm in vitro culture, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, nuclear transfer, molecular biology, as well as perfecting blastocyst culture. He has published some significant papers on oocyte in vitro maturation and cryobiology, embryo sexing and proto-oncogene express by preimplantation embryos in peer review journals. Dr. Wu is a member of many professional associations, such as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine; the International Embryo Transfer Society; the Society for the Study of Reproduction; American Association of Bioanalysts. Also, Dr. Wu has obtained some significant research awards from these professional associations.

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In the lab, Dr. Wu micro manipulates an egg to inject a single sperm during an ICSI proceedure

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